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Dogzilla - 807 bank
View of the bank of 807's, with the preamp/ phase- splitter and voltage follower 6SN7's in front. The small ST bottle is the 6K6 "small amp emulator" output stage. Plate leads for the 807's consist of heavy high- voltage CRT wire; combined with the ceramic plate caps this affords a degree of safety. In the background you see my big dummy load, consisting of ten 40-ohm 50w resistors on an aluminum heatsink.

Dogzilla - preamp board

Here you can barely see the 17KV6 (420V pass regulator) at the far left, behind the timer relay. Next are the 0B2 reference (front) and 6J5 reference amp in their cute little ST bottles. The balanced-line input transformer is right in front of the 6K7 input pentode. The PC board is yet-another incarnation of my universal pre-amp circuit, and the little wee transformer is the OPT for the small-amp emulator.

Dogzilla - Bench-eye view

Here's a bench-eye view, showing the meter and metering switch box. The meter was scrounged from an old FM deviation monitor; the legend on the face says "Keep input level above red line." Hehe... entirely appropriate, wouldn't you say?

Here's the bottom-side, with most of the wiring complete. Left to do are all the preamps, tone controls, and signal switching. Nice to have a big chassis to work in, but even then things can get rather busy on a largish project.

Dogzilla - Bench-eye view

This is a close-up of the power-supply section wiring. The big white "wires" are the series-connected rectifier diodes in a protective cover (protective of me, if not the diodes...) Also shown are a the auxiliary filament transformers.

Dogzilla - Power Supply Wiring

Here's a top-down shot, of Dogzilla in its November, 2002 state of existence. Main changes: removed one output transformer (works fine with just one of those 1650R's), shielding on preamp board.

Dogzilla - Top-Down Nov. 2002

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