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MiniBlok User Feedback

This page documents users' feedback and experiences building and using "The MiniBlok SET amplifier" or "MiniBlok II Push-Pull Amplifier". If you have any suggestions, mods, component changes or other feedback, please email me at fnachbaur@netscape.net for inclusion on this page.

Important: A common difficulty experienced by beginners is that the tube doesn't even light up, in spite of care in construction. This is often because of counting the tube pins in the wrong direction. If you're unsure about which way the tube numbering goes, click here. (Use your browser's Back button to return to this page afterwards.)

The First MiniBlok!

Mike Lewis built up the first known MiniBlok other than the prototype, within days of the publication announcement on rec.audio.tubes. What's more, he built it in stereo! Mike writes in a follow-up reply:

"I finished it and it fired up first try. I modified your power supply by using two Radio Shack 12.6V, 3Amp transformers. I also had to use the alternate tubes following the run at Antique Electronics. It doesn't have a great deal of volume (1 watt, duh) and the high frequencies seem to be lacking, but that's probably my output transformers. Absolutely no AC hum comes through. I'm going to enjoy listening to this little amp.

"A picture is posted in alt.binaries.pictures.radio.

"It was a fun project. Thanks."

A picture of Mike's finished project is shown below.

Mike Lewis' MiniBlok
Mike's stereo MiniBlok

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