QQV06-40A in 3-D

Here are 3-D images of the QQV06-40A. The first variant is an "anaglyph", requiring a pair of red-green (or red-blue) glasses; the red lens should be over your left eye, and the green or blue lens over your right eye. Look at the image from a comfortable distance, generally about 45 cm (18") is about right; you should have no problem seeing the 3-D image, perhaps after a short settling-in time.

Note: your screen should be in 1024x768 or higher to properly view this image, with your browser set to full-screen mode. Scroll to center the image vertically.

QQV40-A06 3-D Anaglyph

A much better way of viewing 3-D, once you're used to the technique, is using the dual image "cross-eyed 3-D" approach. This time the image is a little smaller, so it should work even at 800x600 resolution; however, the 1024x768 setting is still recommended if you have it available.

Turn off extraneous browser task bars, sidebars, etc. to minimise distraction. Scroll down such that the image pair is vertical centered on your screen. Then sit a comfortable distance away from your monitor, and look at the images while crossing your eyes, such that you see four (probably fuzzy) images. Gradually let your eyes uncross, until the middle two of the four images converge into a single image. At this point you might be aware of three distinct images. Keep your attention on the center composite image, ignoring the extraneous images on either side; your brain will suddenly "get it", and you should see the center image in three dimensions. As you continue to stare at it, you might even notice that the focus improves, and you can continue looking at the image for as long as you like, with your eyes completely comfortable!

It might take a bit of practise, but the result is worth the effort.

left image left image

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