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June, 2002
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October, 2002
Earl "Madman" Muntz was a self-taught engineer, inventor, promoter, and (some would say) huckster whose designs included the 4-track cartridge (predecessor of the Lear 8-track) and a host of other products. His claim to fame was reducing designs to the bare minimum required for proper operation, with the result that his name became a verb, and his extreme "Keep It Simple, Silly" (KISS) philosophy became known as muntzing. If you prefer absolute minimalist designs (single-ended triodes come to mind), and frequently invoke the KISS principle, you're probably a Muntz. Vote now, it's simple!

Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist, famous for his drawings of imaginative and complex machines for accomplishing simple tasks like capturing a mouse or pouring a cup of coffee. Although the term "Rube Goldberg Contraption" often refers to something that's more complex than necessary, there's no shame in being a "Goldberg" by creating sophisticated gear. If you like building Circlotrons with multiple feedback loops and regulated floating power supplies, you're probably a Goldberg. Help reclaim the dignity of Goldbergs everywhere and vote!
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November, 2002
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