"Ya Ugly RAT" Contest!
Here, for your browsing convenience, are the entries for the "Ya Ugly RAT" contest, as it evolved on the rec.audio.tubes (RAT) usenet newsgroup, with most images posted to alt.binaries.pictures.radio.

  1. First Prize: One (1) used Western Electric 274A rectifier tube, in good condition. (This is quite a collectible tube; it can sometimes pay to be ugly!)

    This prize has been won by Robert Casey

  2. Second Prize: A handy-dandy, must-have RCA tube pin straightener. Handles 7- and 9-pin miniatures, 9- and 12-pin compactrons and neonovals, and nuvistors. Picture here

    This prize has been won by Syl

  3. Third Prize: This prize will be mostly of interest to radio restorers, such as the fellows who usually frequent alt.binaries.pictures.radio, offered mainly as a concession for crashing their lovely newgroup with our ugly mugs. It's a Radio Detect-o-Scope, a wall-chart trouble-shooting guide for AA5's (All-American five-tube radio designs). Published by McGraw-Hill in 1963. Quite the thing, actually... Picture here

    This prize has been won by Larry (W4CSC)

  4. Boo-boo Prize: For getting a vote without even entering the contest, I've dug up a suitable prize for Al Marcy: a great honkin' volume control knob that has 32 graduations and a clockwise arrow, with a legend that simply says "INCREASE".

    This prize has been won by Alan Marcy

  • The picture must have been taken within the last year, and must be posted either to alt.binaries.pictures.radio, or on an http or ftp-accessible site somewhere, accessible to anyone.

  • Deadline for posting picture is September 1, 2003 (that gives you two weeks from launch of contest).

  • Winner will be the ugliest RAT, as decided by votes cast via email to me, Fred Nachbaur, at the email address fnachbaur@netscape.net. Criteria for ugliness are completely up to you. "Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder."

  • One vote per person. That includes aliases! Don't vote for me, even if you think me the ugliest; it would be rather pointless for me to send myself a prize, and would divert votes from some other deserving los.. I mean.. winner.

  • As host of the contest, I don't get a vote (except as below).

  • Voting ends September 8, 2003 (giving one week to decide).

  • In case of tie(s), a second run-off vote will be held, with a deadline of September 15, 2003.

  • If there's still a tie, I cast the tie-breaking vote.

  • Winners pay shipping of the prize(s) won; I will ship based on the honour system, anticipating the winner to make good after-the-fact.

Here's how it all started!
Yup, that's me. In response to an invitation for others to post their "ugly mug shots", one fellow indicated that it would only be worth his while if there were an actual contest, with prizes and all. So here it is!
REMEMBER: DO NOT vote for me! Eligible pictures for voting are shown in the gallery below


Number of votes shown in parentheses
Bill Morris Choky
Daniele David Stinson
Gary Tidler Gregg
Jeffrey Angus (3) John Bartley
Larry (W4CSC)
(5 - 3rd prize)
Michael Terrell (1)
Phil Witt (2) Robert Casey <More>
(11 - 1st prize)

Arrested for DUI with other antique radios collectors, found in the trunk at the time of the arrest were two Antique dealers, known as the "cabinets connection". The Antique Dealers were known to buy the nicest antique radios available only to strip them of their chassis and sell the empty cabinets to a select clientele in search of custom bar and audio cabinets.

The driver and passengers denied having anything to do with the trunk 'content'..."
(6 - 2nd prize)
Tim Williams
11th Hour Entries:

I just looked for a picture of me. (Snappy and camera temporarily off line). No dice except for attached picture which kinda looks like me.
Steve Bench Ronald Pit
a.k.a. Calimero

I have been reluctant to enter out of fear of being accused of being a ringer. However, I have decided that is for the voters to decide.
I like to go swimmin'.
Gerry Buck Frobisher

Here is my entry! I've titled it "Deep in the Shed" and I've subtitled it "Ready Kilowatt says 'Don't Do This at Home'".
Carroll Conklin (1)

Contest closed!
Thanks to all who participated.