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Build Shaza Jane's "Spunky"
Small but phat guitar amplifier

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"Spunky" is a simple yet capable guitar amplifier suitable for small rooms, or mic'd into a PA system. While similar to the "Li'l 4x4" in many ways, it has a fuller, gutsier sound as compared to the squeaky-clean timbre of the Li'l 4x4.

Some experience with vacuum valves is recommended, but the project is fairly straightforward and should pose no problems for intermediate valve experimenters.

Demo recording available soon

  • Up to 8 watts output (depending on power supply) 
  • High gain capability (Av=250)
  • 5-stage design 
  • Uses inexpensive tubes and other components 
  • Line-operated series-connected heaters 
  • No global feedback for that authentic valve sound 
  • "Big Muff" single-pot tone control 
  • Simple but very effective compressor circuit included 
  • Headphone output for those shy practise sessions 
  • Optional Line level (Av=10) input/output

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Article Index:

      1: Introduction

      2: How It Works

      3: Building "Spunky"

      4: Parts List

You may contact me regarding this project at I'd be happy to hear from you, and any bug reports or suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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