Fred Nachbaur's Theremin Exploits
The "Theremin" was invented by Russian radio pioneer  Lev
Termin (anglicised to "Leon Theremin")  in the early 20th
century.  It was the first  completely electronic musical
instrument,  pre-dating analogue synthesisers  by several
decades. It uses heterodyning principles similar to those
used for radio receivers to produce its uniquely haunting
sound.  Much of its charm  derives from the fact that the
player's hands  do not actually touch the machine  during
use;  two antennae are used  to control pitch and volume,
simply by the proximity of the player's hands.           

This site documents my involvement with and contributions to the fascinating world of the Theremin over the years.
SWTP and built-up Theremax                At this site:
* My History with Theremins with photos
* About Theremin Sensitivity - A math project
* Theremax mods - Improve a popular design
* The "Dis*Player" - A theremin "must have"
* Dis*Player tech article - Build your own!
* My Theremin Music - (so far...)

new BAMTRAT - an "authentic" tube theremin

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